Monday, March 1, 2010

Review of Qcute/Qutieland: DollscroPs, HMHM, and PrinCutess

On December 29th I made an order from Qcute on their Qutieland website. On February 18th I received my package. All in all things were wonderful, but there were a couple hiccups along the way.

Communication: 5/5
Qcute was awesome with letting me know what was going on. I placed my order for four items over their website, a bonnet, a blouse, a bolero, and a skirt. I filled out my measurements and sent it in. The next day I received an email asking me if I was sure those were my real measurements and for a couple extra measurements, such as height, arm width, and the like. I sent those back and waited.

A few days later they emailed again, informing me that the bolero was out of stock. They subtracted the price of the bolero from my order and sent me a paypal invoice. The three items, custom sizing, and shipping cost $1345 HKD, about $170 USD.

Things went quiet after that as I eagerly awaited my shipping notice. I would check on my order status every couple of weeks on their website and it listed what process my items were currently undergoing. My DollscroPs skirt was finished and shipped to Qcute's warehouse first, but HMHM and PrinCutess weren't far behind.

On February 12 I received my shipping notice and EMS tracking number, a little over a month and a half after my initial order.

Shipping: 5/5
Being shipped EMS, my items only took six days to get to me. The package was labled as a gift, so I didn't get hit my US Customs. It was delayed a day because the mailman delivered my package receipt to the wrong apartment and I had to go hunt it down, not a fault of Qcute at all.

Everything was placed in a large, well-sealed, heavy duty plastic shipping bag. Inside that was a layer of bubble wrap. And inside that were my individually wrapped pieces. Safe and sound.

Click on thumbnails for bigger images.

Construction: 4.5/5
Everything was made beautifully. There were very few loose threads, both the skirt and bonnet were lined, the skirt in this most luxuriant purple fabric. My only issue was the velvet pattern on the skirt. While very pretty, the velvet is rather cheap and while getting the skirt on, it comes off and wedges itself underneath my fingernails. Even wearing the skirt throughout the day I would have to continuously wash my hands to get the fuzz off.

Fit: 3/5
Here's the most important part to me as a plus sized lolita, the ability of a company to make a garment that fits. Unfortunately, both HMHM and DollscroPs failed a little in these regards. Qcute asks for your exact size, saying that the companies will add a few centimeters for your garment size, but I added a few centimeters to my measurements anyway just from past experiences. I'm glad I did or else I'd be even worse off that I was when my package arrived.

I ordered my DollscroPs skirt according to my corseted waist size, as I never wear a high-waisted skirt without smoothing out my belly with a corset. Even wearing my corset and having added a few centimeters to my measurement, the skirt is incredibly difficult to get on. It just fits my corseted measurements and with a lot of pulling and wiggling at that. But once it's on, it's good to go. Also, I need my skirts extra long because of my height, and DollscroPs did deliver on that aspect. The skirt falls right to my knees.

The HMHM blouse, on the other hand, was a disaster. I put it on right away and almost ended up crying. The sleeves were incredibly tight, almost cutting off circulation, and the bust gaped at least an inch, I was barely able to get it buttoned. I either need to sell it and order a new one with larger measurements, or attempt to get it let out a little. It is not wearable at my size.

Overall: 4/5
I would recommend Qcute as a shopping service and the companies I've ordered from. My only issues were with sizing, but I now know better to add even more extra centimeters to my measurements, especially in my bust. It's a little depressing to have to do such a thing, but a blow I'm willing to take for beautiful custom-sized clothes. I will definitely be ordering from Qcute again.

Wearing my DollscroPs skirt with an In the Starlight blouse.
Photos by Caro-chan at FYeah Lolita.
Ignore the doofy look on my face.


  1. That skirt is gorgeous! I hope you can get the blouse sorted out.

  2. Aw man! I'm sad to hear that the blouse didn't fit you. This has happened to me *many* times as well. Why is it so darn hard to find someone who can make a blouse for girls with boobs!? I would try to sell it, as depressing as that is. I also always order things larger than measurements, because you can take stuff in a whole let easier than letting things out!

    For the record you looked amazing. I didn't notice that about the velvet! I was too busy enviously eyeing the skirt XD

  3. I was thinking of buying from them in the future. I looked around and a lot of people were having some good reviews about Qcute's service. :3 But I was wanting some Rose Melody and Kidsyoyo stuff, so would it be the same for them?

    Also, you look gorgeous in that skirt, it suits you so well. That fabric... it's so lovely. <3

  4. It's a real shame about the blouse, some of my non-lolita clothes are a bit like that (tight on the arms and at the chest) sometimes I don't think companies understand that most bigger girls get 'big' everwhere. They take the standard hourglass measurements and just increase them as the size goes up without allowing for a big tummy or bigger breast in proportion to the rest of your body and my pet hate: arm width.

    None-the-less you look gorgeous in your new skirt!

  5. @ra - Thank you! I hope so too!

    @the_reaper_ - yeah, I'll probably sell it. I just got so attached to it, waiting for it. And thank you bb, you looked amazing too! I always love seeing you.

    @Kabib Angel - since Kidsyoyo and RoseMelody both offer custom size I'd say that they would probably be similar. If not, like the_reaper_ said, it's always easier to take in a garment than let it out.

    @Frootums - yeah, I have problems with non-custom made clothes. Especially with my wide shoulders. It's tough having overall large proportions. I'm with you. And thank you!

  6. I too had issues with the companies from China not getting things right with size. I'm afraid I can't order anything with sleeves from them because even though they claim to be able to do custom items, they can't find it in them to alter a pattern to make the sleeves larger. Other than that they make wonderful items.

  7. I'm sorry about the blouse - I hope you can get it resolved.

  8. I really enjoyed your review and the photos of you in your skirt are exquisite. Although I am sorry to hear about the blouse, I'm very thankful for your review. I hope to purchase from Qutieland in the future and am also a Plus sized lolita so this was very helpful.

  9. How many inches do you recommend adding to your natural measurements so you get the right fit when ordering from chinese companies? I love their stuff, but I would rather not order from them if all I'm going to get are ill-fitting clothes. :/ At least with shirred brand I have the security that it's going to fit.


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