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Plus Size Lolita Buying Guide

Today I'm cheating. I'm just copy and pasting the buying guide that I updated over the weekend for egl_plus. I spent so much time working on it I felt that I deserved to use it twice. You can continue to read it here or go on over to its spot on the LJ community.

- Most of these measurements are rough estimates and DO NOT apply for all garments from mentioned brands. Be sure to check that what you are buying is a piece that falls under the right sizing. Also note that the "up to" measurement is usually the MAX measurement and will either be incredibly tight and/or won't look good.

- This is not a brand list. Not every lolita brand, Japanese or otherwise, is going to be on here. I'll only include brands that have a trend of selling larger clothing than Japanese standard sizes.

- I worked hard on this list. Updating it alone took over four hours. If reposting it elsewhere, please give credit where credit is due.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Has forgiving shirring.
Full-shirring JSKs will go up to about 130cm/52"
Full-shirring blouses will go up to about 140cm/55"
Some skirts up to 96cm/38"
Some cutsews up to 111cm/44"
Back-shirred JSKs can go up to 102cm/40" bust and 84cm/33" waist
Back-shirred JSKs can go up to 110cm/43" bust and 96cm/37" waist

Innocent World
Has forgiving shirring.
Fullshirring OPs and JSKs up to about 110cm/43"
Some cuts of JSKs up to 130cm/52" (This cut)
Elastic waistband skirts up to 100cm/39"
OFFERS "L SIZE" (but not as forgiving as Baby or Meta's larger sizes)
Some blouses up to 100cm/39" bust
RUMORS OF OFFERING "LL" and "3L" sizing in the future

Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Some skirts up to 100cm/39"
Some JSKs up to 105cm/41"

Angelic Pretty
Full shirring JSKs up to 100cm/39"
Full-back shirring up to 107cm/42"
Full-shirred blouses up to 136cm/53" bust

Some skirts up to 110cm/43"
Some tops up to 106cm/41"

Full shirring up to 105cm/41"
Full elastic waistband skirts up to 100cm/39"
JSKs up to 120cm/47"
Blouses up to 120cm/47"
Skirts up to 110cm/43"

Milky Ange
Some dresses up to 120cm/47" in the bust
Some tops up to 110cm/43"
*also sells maid dresses

Some knits up to 110cm/43"
Skirts up to 101cm/40" HIPS
Some JSKs up to 100cm/39"

Bodyline (included because it's Japan-based, though it's not necessarily considered "brand")
Up to 110cm/43"
Offers "L" and "2L" sizing
*Not all items are lolita


Fan Plus Friend
Sizing up to 112cm/44" bust 91cm/36" waist
Custom Sizing $5 USD
*also sells cosplay

Anna House
Offers S, M, L, XL Sizes
XL up to 102cm/40" bust and 86cm/34" waist.
Offers custom sizing for a small charge. (about $10 USD on average)

*when ordering custom size it may be best to add an inch or two to measurements.
(Prices and info are based off of Qcute/Qutieland shopping service, as I can't read Chinese.)

Dear Celine
"Standard Size" 92cm/36" bust 77cm/30" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 65 HKD (about $6 USD)

Rose Melody
"Standard Size" 88cm/34" bust 70cm/27" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 75 HKD (about $10 USD)

Momo & Jia Baby Shop
"Standard Size" 88cm/34" bust 70cm/27" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 70 HKD (about $9 USD)

Offers "L" and "XL" sizing
Up to 96cm/37" bust 76cm/30" waist
Does not offer custom sizing

Offers "L" sizing
Up to 92cm/36" bust 72cm/28" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 65 HKD (about $6 USD)

Kids YoYo
JSK "Standard Size" 88cm/34" bust 68cm/26" waist
Blouse "Standard Size" 92cm/36" bust 76cm/30" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 90 HKD (about $11 USD)

White Moon
"Standard Size" 90cm/35" bust 74cm/29" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 40 HKD (about $5 USD)

"Standard size" 90cm/35" bust 72cm/28" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 55 HDK (about $7 USD)

"Standard size" 88cm/34" bust 68cm/26" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 75 HKD (about $10 USD)

Surface Spell
"Standard size" 90cm/35" bust 72cm/28" waist
"Oversize" custom sizing for up to 65 HKD (about $6 USD)

Taobao shopping services
Taobao Now
Miwitch" (seems to be Infanta only)
Mashimaro Girl (Potential Scam?)


In the Starlight -

Excalibur Girls -
Up to 111cm/44" bust and 91cm/36" waist.

Sweet Rococo -
General sizing up to 111cm/44" bust and 91cm/36" waist.

Candy Violet -
"L", "XL", and "2XL" sizing
Up to 116cm/46" bust 96cm/38" waist

Blasphemina's Closet
Custom Sizing at no extra charge

Megan Maude
"L" and "XL" sizing
101cm/40" bust 78cm/31" waist
Up to 111cm/44" waist on some skirts
*Custom sizing available as of 3/12/10


Up to 100cm/39" bust 75cm/29" waist
No custom sizing

English Charm
"L" "XL" "SXL" "MXL" "LXL" and "XLXL" sizing
Up to 122cm/48" bust 107cm/42" waist
Offers custom sizing


Up to 90cm/35" bust 85cm/33" waist
No custom sizing
Available for commissions

Up to 5XL
Semi-custom sizing
*Currently on hiatus

Bloom Empire
Up to 101cm/40" waist

Bondage Tea
Up to 127cm/50" waist
*A lot of stuff sold isn't lolita

Up to 99cm/39" bust 89cm/35" waist
sometimes offers semi-custom sizing

Dreams and Outfits
"L" and "XL" sizing
Up to 91cm/36" waist
Custom sizing
*Bloomers only

I Do Declare
Up to 96cm/38" waist

Up to 99cm/39" bust 96cm/38" waist
*Not all items are lolita

Petite Royale
Up to 127cm/50" waist

Pink Sugar
Up to 94cm/37" waist

"L" and "XL" sizing
up to 127cm/50" bust 106cm/42" waist
*Not all items are lolita/a little ita-ish

Skeletons in the Closet
Custom sizing
*more aristocrat than lolita


  1. Thanks so much, I've been saving for my first Baby jsk, and it's good to know what to look for!

  2. This is so useful! Thank you! :3

  3. OMG, I have just fallen in love with a Milky Ange dress... xDD
    Thanks for the list! :D

  4. this was really helpful!! But do you have any links for the taobao shops? I can't seem to find any of them with google search.

  5. Thank you for linking my Etsy shop (Lauralyn). I do not make a ton of pre-made lolita clothing to sell on my etsy shop, but I welcome any custom orders for lolita clothing :)

  6. Nice blog post, thanks for sharing this. We are also the Japan based cosplay costume manufacturers.

  7. Thanks for providing this guide. Now it would be easier to find the right plus size clothing online that would fit.


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