Friday, March 12, 2010

Victoria's Jewelry Box

I am very picky about jewelry, it is incredibly rare for me to find several things that I love in one place. But one place has managed to make a miracle. Victoria's Jewelry Box. Victoria's incredibly lovely victorian inspired jewelry, cameos in every color you can imagine, and delicate details have definitely charmed me. Hopefully it will charm you too.

I love cameos. They're classic, timeless, and gorgeous. But a cameo alone doesn't make a beautiful piece. The settings for these cameos are incredibly detailed and I'm absolutely in love with the chains.

The attention to detail on this pendant is amazing, while not being overly cluttered. I love the shape and openness of it as well.

This locket is gorgeous. The intricate flowers and little butterfly up top are adorable. Raphael's angel makes the piece and the red stones on the chain compliment it well.

I've never been big on earrings, but I do like these a lot. They're intricate and delicate. If you can't tell by now, I'm greatly attracted to the little flowers. The curves and lines of the designs are incredibly lovely.

Victoria's also has other items of interest, all of which can fit in perfectly with a lolita's bedroom and vanity.

I am absolutely gaga over this dragonfly perfume bottle. And the angel compact is sweet and simple.

I have an unhealthy obsession with trinket boxes. If I could, I would buy all three of these and many more that Victoria's has.

Victoria's Jewelry box has beautiful pieces, including gorgeous cameos and intricate details. On top of that, they have knickknacks that any lolita would love to place on their vanity. Add decent prices on every item and you have a winning combination.


  1. Oh my gosh these are so pretty! You know I love cameos!

    Your link doesn't go to the site btw.

  2. @Caro
    Thanks for the heads up. Fixed.

  3. Ooh... I browsed through their shop and suddenly found myself with a shopping cart with over $200! XDD Now I have to step away before I 'accidentally' pay for it. XD


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