Monday, January 11, 2010

Tips for the Plus Size Lolita

Everyone has the right to feel beautiful. For some of us that means wearing lolita. For a few of us that means wearing lolita while being plus-sized. While those who give us flack for being plus-sized will always give us flack, that does not excuse us for not looking as fabulous in our frills as possible. So here's some advice on what kind of frills will look good on your body shape.

Hourglass: Hurray for you! You actually have the best figure for lolita in my opinion. Sure, your large breasts and wide hips may seem like a detriment to you, but that defined waist can really pull you through.
- Wear pieces that define your natural waist. Jumperskirts with princess seams will work well to call attention to your hourglass figure.
- Take advantage of a-line skirts, your shape flatters them well. Wear petticoats with lighter fluff around the hips.
- Look for back shirring or waist ties. These will help the clothing contour to your shape.
- Empire waist dresses, they cover your waist and ruin your shape.
On the fence
- Cupcake shaped skirts. They truncate your waist instead of accentuate it, making your torso look stunted at times.

Comparison: The pink jsk will flatter and elongate your waist.
The red jsk will truncate it, making your torso look shorter than it is.

Top Heavy: As a friend of mine used to say "I got kicked in the back and it all came out on my front." You're in luck! Petticoats can hide the fact that you have no hips, giving you the illusion of an hourglass.
- Wear lots of poof. In a fashion like lolita where poof at the hips is expected a flat petti can draw attention to your lack of downstairs.
- Take advantage of wide belts. They're coming into fashion in lolita and can be just what you need to draw out your waist. Remember to make sure that the belt is not at your underbust, but rather your natural waist, as this can make you look more breasty than you might like.
- Pieces that have defined areas for them to sit over breasts. Chances are, unless these are custom made to your measurements, you will overfill these areas and look awkward.
- Pieces that have a lot of ruffles or lace around the breast area. It will draw the eye and make you look even more top heavy.
On the fence
- High waisted skirts and underbust jumperskirts. Again, these draw the eye to the breasts and can even hike them up higher into your chin. Use with discretion.
- Full shirred bodices. If they stretch far enough then it's worth giving a shot, but if you're on the cusp of the max measurements they can give you the appearance of a sausage.

This jsk has a defined area for your chest. Chances are you will overfill it.

Bottom Heavy: You've got more width at the bottom than at the top. But this is good news! 99% of lolita clothes are free at the hips, so a lack of inches at the top means you might fit into more brand than a lot of other plus sized girls could.
- Look for princess seams and a-line skirts. Like the hourglass figure, they enhance your waistline.
- Take advantage of pieces that have lots of ruffles and lace on the chest area. It will help even you out top to bottom.
- If you commission, give measurements for the "rise" of your skirts. This will avoid uneven hemlines when worn and unwanted panty shots.
- Super poofy petticoats. The added bulk around the waist can ruin your shape.
- Shorter skirts, especially if store-bought. They can easily gain you some unwanted attention.
On the fence
- Empire waist dresses. You can get away with them because they'll flatter you down to your waist, but wide hips with the addition of a petticoat may cause an odd silhouette.

The A-line skirt will flatter your hips and elongate your waist.
The ruffles on the bodice will add volume to your top.

Apple-Shaped: It's a little tougher for a girl of this shape to just throw on lolita and look wonderful. A little experimenting and playing around goes a long way though, you can have more fun with your wardrobe then others.
- Wear separates. Blouses and skirts are good for defining a waist that the allover cover of an onepiece or jumperskirt may obscure.
- Go for petticoats slightly poofier below the hips. They can help even out your shape without adding extra fluff to your waist.
- All over shirring. It can add unwanted bulk to your waistline.
- Full elastic waisted skirts. They can cause an unwanted silhouette under your blouses. Go for back elastic or zip up skirts instead.
- Empire waists. Not only can they hide your waist, they can give the illusion of being pregnant.
On the fence
- A-line skirts. They can give the illusion of a longer trunk and lower hips.

The separate blouse and skirt combo will add definition to your waist.

Body Trait Quick Tips:
Short neck - Look for flat collars like peter pan collars. Avoid high neck blouses or raised collars.
Wide Shoulders - Wear wider straps on jumperskirts. Avoid puffy sleeves.
Short legs - Wear knee-high socks. Avoid horizontal stripes.
Long legs - Wear overknee socks or tights. Avoid shin-high boots.
Wide calves - Wear full color or vertical stripe socks. Avoid horizontal stripes or prints.
When wearing a high-waisted skirt or full-shirred bodice, consider a corset or shapewear underneath to smooth out your tummy.

Got tips of your own? Add them in the comments!


  1. Thank you so much for these tips! They are very helpfull for girls who want to flatter their figures and still wear lolita.

  2. Hello RayRay. I absolutely love your blog and your rants lol. I want to let you know that I've translated some of your posts about plus-sized lolis to Spanish, and that I intend to post them (giving you, of course, full credit) on my Paraguayan lolita community on orkut. I hope you're OK with that ^_^
    For paraguayan girls lolita is still highly unknown, and there are few of us who can read English or Japanese to get some tips or advice in the net. So a friend of mine and I have been translating articles and other stuff that we've found useful or encouraging for wearing our few (or only) lolita coords.
    So, thanks, really.

  3. @alicia
    Thank you! I'm flattered that you're translating my blog for others. If you'd like, give me a link for the community and I'll add it to my sidebar.

  4. yay! here's the link
    I haven't posted any of yours yet, cause my brother messed my pc up and I lost my translations :/ But I'll soon upload ^^

  5. @haruko
    Awesome! Thank you. I'll put it up.

  6. This is a great article. Thanks for much for posting it!

  7. Thanks so much for this ^^

  8. Interesting! These tips for a plus size Lolita fashion enthusiast are really useful for my sister. She's also interested to know more about using quality forever young wigs and front lace wigs to match her frilly Lolita clothing. Thanks for sharing, Rayray! I really appreciate it.

  9. I'd been shying away from lolita fashion because I was a plus size gal; everything out there seemed to be for girls much, much smaller than I am. Thank you so much for this. Now that I've got some tips on how to best flatter my figure, I'm more confident to actually go out and try!

  10. Thanks! There was some mean comments about how hourglasses don't fit into lolita, but you gave us some great tips on how to make it work.

  11. Next up, how to make children look like busty supermodels!

    1. Nice try, but supermodels are tall and not particularly busty while children are short.

  12. Thanx for sharing these cute and adorable outfits for plus size. And the tips you have given in this post are very good.

  13. Thank you so~ much for going into so much detail about all the different things for plus sized girls to look for in a lolita dress...well any dress really.:)I always get really discouraged about dressing cute because girls my says(that I know) have a tendency of dressing like I non-form flattering clothes and dark colors. These instructions really helped to give me a little more confidence in trying it out>.<

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  15. Thank you so very much! Losing weight but.I was so worried that even after dropping down to an average size things won't look right. This helps so very much!

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