Friday, January 8, 2010

Mini post: A Lolita Panel

So, I've been asked to help run a lolita panel next month by my friend Caro-chan over at F*** Yeah Lolita. It's just a small convention at the University of Connecticut, called U-Con, in it's first year running. The convention is absolutely free to attend, so if you're in the area please stop by! The panel will be running at 4pm on February 6th. You can check out everything you need at the U-Con website.

We're just going to be giving the basic "What is lolita?" kind of panel, touching on the different styles, quality you should look for, etc. It's not going to be anything completely innovative because we figure there won't be that many lolitas attending. If things go well we'll be able to fill up the whole hour with information. If not I'm sure we'll find something fun and lolita related to pass the time and get to know eachother! I'm super excited about it since this is the first panel I've ever ran and if it goes well we might attempt something at the larger Connecticon in the summer.

So if you want to see Caro-chan and myself in action, come check it out!

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