Monday, January 18, 2010

Dressing Yourself Outside of Lolita

I've noticed a lot of complaints from girls into lolita in regards to girls dressing sloppily in their everyday clothes. They argue that you shouldn't wear lolita if you don't know how to dress yourself outside of it. Like you have to pass some sort of coordination test before you're allowed to match up prints and colors of your froof.

I, for one, don't buy into this shit. Before lolita I wore nothing but jeans and those annoying "ironic" t-shirts that everyone hates (but I still love. So there.) or band shirts. Throw on some Payless sneakers and a pea-coat if its cold out and I'm good to go. I never bothered with which shirt matched what skirt because I never wore anything that couldn't be thrown on from out of my closet. Unless you count my highschool mallgoth days, but we won't even go there.

Lolita is not rocket science to coordinate. Especially the basic stuff. You find some colors that go well together and fit into one substyle of the fashion and you're good. If you want to be even lazier you buy the whole set of matching stuff from a single brand (Candies go with candies go with candies? Brilliant!). If you want to try mixing styles or bringing outside influences into your lolita, say rockabilly for example, you're going to have a slightly harder time. But for the most part lolita is paint by numbers easy to coordinate.

So why is it I have to be required to know how to match clothes I don't want to wear to other clothes I don't want to wear? Lolita makes me feel pretty. My slummy clothes make me feel comfy. I don't need or want an inbetween. Most mainstream clothes don't suit me because they're made for size 8s and I'm a size 18. So they make me feel ugly and uncomfortable. Why force myself to learn how to dress a way that I'm going to feel self-conscious in and thus look horrible anyway because I'm not rocking it?

Point is, these people are complaining because they can't comprehend others dressing outside of the norm. How dare you dress how you want while everyone else is wearing the latest fashions? This makes them hypocrites because they themselves, in the very act of wearing lolita, fall out of the norm and are now the ones being looked down on for "not knowing how to dress themselves".

Moral of the story? Wear what you want. Someone out there is going to hate it anyway so why not rock something you love and feel comfortable in? Whether it be lolita, jeans and a t-shirt, the stuff you see in magazines, or clothes from centuries ago. If you like it, wear it.

An aside: In case you haven't noticed. Part Time Lolita has a new banner and background! Vote on how much you hate it in the poll to the right. I'll take this moment to introduce the new weekly polls as well! There will be new poll every Monday along with the weekly post so we can see the readers' opinions on different subjects. Enjoy!


  1. I totally agree. I don't see why people should care what you look like outside of Lolita anyways. It's not like there's a "daily_not_lolita_but_for_lolitas_anyways" comm or something.

    Too true about how Lolita =/= knowing how to coordinate XD I mean you just choose 1-3 of the preselected colors and choose which article of clothing you want to apply it to. You're like a Lolita coordination GODDESS if you find an accessory that uses all of the colors you picked, or do something daring like use accent colors. It's like a step harder than matching goth, and that's just "Does this black match that black" XD

  2. I don't think it's such a problem with people not being to "wear the latest fashions outside of lolita," but more the fact that many new lolitas come into the fashion with unflattering and bizarre coordinates - whether due to unfortunate choices of pieces/silhouettes or just a lack of attention to color and detail. Looking through people's archives under their daily_lolita tags often shows how people gradually figure out how to coordinate properly, do their hair and makeup, accessorize, etc.
    It's not a matter of dressing in a "cool" or "fashionable" way all the time, but people who know how to make aesthetically appealing coordinates outside of lolita (jeans and tees count, hot topic mall goth and the like doesn't usually) are usually the ones with the best lolita outfits.

  3. I like your blog, going to follow you around for a while!

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