Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grandma Florals

I'm back! First off, apologies to anyone who cares about the blog. Life caught up to me for a while. It's still nipping at my heels but I've almost beaten it back.

I hope everyone had a wonderful whatever holiday they celebrate in November.

And since winter in the northern hemisphere is coming on fast I figured I would bring a little bit of spring back into our lolita lives. It's time for me to rave about the long forgotten prints of yesteryear. Specifically, grandma-ish florals.

Here at the cusp of 2010 we're buried in border prints. Some large details above the skirt hem with little pictures scattered about the rest of the piece. Back when lolita began we had all-over floral prints. Prints reminiscent of your grandmother's old couch or curtains. It may have been a little tacky, but I personally miss it.

So here's a couple examples from the olden days of all over floral prints.

Victorian Maiden

Innocent World


Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Atelier Pierrot

Angelic Pretty

While the above are all lovely, some absolutely stunning, there were some pieces that were hit or miss. Such as this Baby jumperskirt.


But all in all I miss the old floral prints. And with the ott sweet prints having taken over, its even rare to see florals in classic brands such as Innocent World nowadays. There are a couple dresses available from brands that still have that old classic charm. Such as these two from Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene.

But for any others we're just going to have to wait and hope that this sweet thing blows over (unlikely) or make them ourselves.

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  1. There sure aren't enough florals! I love anything that looks like a curtain or a couch. I like the fabric of the ugly Baby dress, it's the placement of the huge white lace that bothers me.


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