Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm going to take a moment of selfishness and announce that today is my birthday! So I figure it is a perfect occasion to share a few pictures of amazing cakes that lolitas would love. Just click the photos to go to their website.

And me? I like to be simple (plus I don't have that kind of money for something so gorgeous). I love out of the box lemon cake with lemon frosting. Can you tell I love lemon flavored sweets?


  1. Happy Birthday ^___^
    I haven't learn or study to make such a awesoem cake, but I'm going to make a huge birthday cake for friends in 2 motnhs - like this on the pictures *___*

  2. Happy birthday! That carousel cake is awesome looking!

  3. @Ribbonlicious Good luck in making it! I bet it will come out gorgeous.

    @Caro-chan Thanks hun ^^ Isn't it? I would love something like that. I've always wanted those carousel music boxes that look like that too.


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