Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rant the first: Weight, Lolita, and You

Let's face it. I'm a fatty. I like lolita, and I'm a fatty. I can't fit into brand. I have to have my things custom made. I can't even wear socks with print on them because my calves will warp the images beyond recognition.

The almighty god Mana-sama should just strike me down where I stand, right? For messing with the sanctity of lolita?

I'm still here.

So it's skinny lolitas then? The ones who can fit into most, or all brand. They're the ones to blame, right? They're ruining it for us fatties, if they didn't exist brands would go for bigger sizes and then we chunky ones could fit into those pretty dresses. Besides, they look horrible. You can't look young and innocent while being thin and gaunt.

A 30 inch waist? No one's that skinny! Right?

Wrong again.

Here's the deal. Fat or thin. Too big or too small (believe it or not, there are full grown women too small to fit into brand. The horror!). Lolita is unfair to everyone. There's always going to be a dress we want that we can't fit. There's always going to be a skirt just out of our reach.

"But," the fatties argue, "it's easier for a garment to be taken in than let out."

Yes, but buying brand and altering it requires just as much money and effort as getting your own garment commissioned. Maybe more.

"But what about the special prints?" They all cry.

There are places out there that will do custom prints on fabric. Get a replication of the print you want done or make your very own custom print. Can't draw worth a damn? There's people who will design for a few dollars too. Or have a friend who can draw do it for you.

Then, once you get the fabric, send it to a talented seamstress to make your replica or original garment.

In the end you have something that fits (Yay no boob loaf!), is good quality (as long as you do your research), and for around the same price as a brand piece. And now you're not just paying for a name, but for a quality custom garment made just for you.

In the end, who gives a crap what size you are? Take lolita and rock it. Get a full length mirror and learn what looks good on you, what flatters your size, where you need something to fit just right and where you can let things go a little. Get a good friend to tell you honestly if you look like shit before you go out that day. Experiment a little.

Have some fucking fun.

And don't listen to haters on the internet who say you're too big or small. Or that little niggling voice in the back of your head that's just echoing other people's sentiments. You love lolita? You know how to flatter your shape and size? Then wear that shit with pride.

I'll meet you out there.


  1. That is a great post, because you are so right. :) Lolita will always be unfair to someone, no matter if the dress is too large, to small, too long or too short. There is always somebody who won't fit. But we shouldn't let that disappoint us.

  2. Go you!!! I'm a size eight and five three and in lolita I'm an xl with double d boobies. Your post made me feel a whole lot better. Thanks

  3. I have to say that I love your blog!! I found you on EGL, and I'm starting to see Classic Lolita as a way to show my inner girly-ness. This post made me feel a lot better. While I don't necessarily have weight issues (my waist is 30 inches after a big dinner), I have height issues. At approximately 170 cm, it's hard to find a good dress or skirt. For something to reach my knees, it needs to be 38 inches, and I'm finding that this is very rare among lolita dresses. Most things, I feel, look awkward and too short. Do you have any tips for what silhouettes, styles, or brands I should look for?


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