Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lolita Halloween Costumes

Halloween's quick approaching and all the lolitas are scrambling. What costume do I wear that has lolita elements but isn't strictly lolita?

It's a tough question. As many lolitas will tell you, the fashion is not a costume. It's for everyday wear. But there are some styles of lolita that will probably sneak by the "not a costume" definition. Here are three of the more traditional styles to consider.

Guro Lolita

The first, and most obvious, way is Guro(Gore) Lolita. White dress. Lots of blood. Bandages. Bruises. Dirt. Gauze eyepatches. Medical corsets. It's the most popular lolita style for Halloween time.

Some tips to make your costume awesome: Don't chicken out. Buy a cheap dress so you won't feel guilty slathering it with fake blood. Sure, bloody bandages and an apron may look okay, but this is Halloween! Go all out! Even if it's a cheap dress from Momo's or Rakuen, it's going to be covered in blood and be a costume-only thing. No one's going to feel the lace among all the blood and start screaming "Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!" like some demented chick demanding food from it's mother. And just a warning, fake blood likes to get everywhere. So if you're going somewhere they'll mind stains on furniture, slather your dress a couple days before. Sure, it's gonna be dark and dried, but it'll still look cool and you won't have to pay for steamcleaning an expensive sofa. Also, be sure to wear underclothes you don't really care about getting stained. And avoid rain if at all possible. Wanna play with it? I've found that color definitely adds something special to the same-old same-old guro outfit. Throw in some splashes of black. Or bend all conventions and cover a pink or blue dress in blood. No one said guro had to be white and only white.

Nurse Lolita

Some may argue that Nurse Lolita falls into the Guro category, but I figure it's different enough to warrant it's own section. And besides, this is Halloween, regular lolita rules need not apply. Crosses, nurse hats, arm bands. A double breasted dress helps too. Like guro, white and red seems to be the most popular, but play with it. While pastel colors might not look "professional", muted, dark colors could work as well.

Tips: Don't want to spend a ton of money? Don a regular gothic loli ensemble, but keep the ruffles and embellishments to a minimum. Pop on an arm band and a (nice quality) nurse hat. Grab a stethoscope or a medical kit. You're pretty much good to go.

Pirate Lolita

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A popular style of more "costumey" lolita that gets worn out a lot. And while it's true that you could slide this one by at a meet, or, if you're a bit braver than the average lolita, wear it around town, it wouldn't look out of place at a costume party either. Corsets. Mini tricorns. Pirate boots. Front lacing. Rich fabrics. Ruffles. Pirate lolita definitely has a lot of wiggle room to make your costume look however you want.

Tips: Don't just grab a mini tricorn and run. Corsets definitely add to the pirate look. Under or overbust, either will work just as well. The fun about Halloween though? You can throw some cleavage in there and no one will come screaming up from behind to beat you with a Gothic & Lolita Bible. So don't be afraid to throw a little sexy in there, because pirates are damn sexy. Grab some overknee pirate boots. Throw in striped fabrics. Don't be afraid to go assymetrical or even have a lot of layers overlapping. Have ruffly bloomers peeking out. Grab a fake sword or gun for that final touch.

So here are just three ideas for your lolita Halloween. I'll surely be posting more as the holiday creeps closer.

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