Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lolita Halloween Costumes Part 2

So in my last post I covered some tradition styles of lolita that would work just as well for Halloween. Now let's flip that over and give some traditional Halloween costumes with lolita elements.


It is my honest opinion that when you type "Lestat" into google images
you should not get pictures of Stuart Townsend as Lestat.
Only Tom Cruise is Lestat, TYVM.

I know what you're thinking "But all I have to do is throw on some fangs and blood with my lolita outfit and I'm good to go!" You could... but why not play with it? Dress in rich gothic lolita, lots of layers and fancy lace tights. Or do a deep red and black ensemble. Go for the mini tophat you've always wanted but was too scared to put on. Pile your hair high on top of your head in an intricate style. Wear a low-cut neckline, because vampire are just as sexy as pirates. Wear velvet (for the love of god, not crushed velvet). Play with all these things, just keep the lolita silhouette and keep it classy. Then you're not just one of those dime-a-dozen slutty vampires out there on Halloween, it actually looks like you put effort into your costume. If you're lucky, you can pull all this out of your very own closet!

And, because I can, here's Eli from Let the Right One In.
Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet, seriously.


Shit. Let's try that again...

That's better!

This is probably the easiest lolita costume you're going to be able to make. Grab a white blouse, a white petti (and a white skirt to have over it if your petti is see through), white socks, and white shoes if you have them. Then grab about three rolls of toilet paper (the good kind if you don't want it to rip in a million places before the night is over), some scotch tape, and go wild. Roll yourself up. Don't tighten the paper over your petti, let it drape, so it doesn't squish the cupcake shape. If you want to, cover up your whole face. If you don't, cover it in a couple places then do your makeup real pale with dark circles around your eyes. Let your hair hang loose, or in raggedy curls, make a toilet paper flower (I love the internet) and pin it to your hair. Voila! Instant lolita mummy!

And yes, Poupee beat me to this idea.


No, I'm not talking about fairykei or fairy-loli. I'm talking about a lolita fairy costume.

This one will probably require a trip to the fabric store, but luckily won't require more than a couple dips into the scrap bin if you're lucky. Start with a color scheme and a matching base. Want to go as an earthy fairy? Stick with muted greens and browns. Want to be more pastel? Throw on a pink or blue skirt. It's probably better to start off "casual" too. Put on a matching puffy sleeved t-shirt instead of an all-out blouse. Once you've got your base down, find matching scraps of silk, taffetta, any gauzy see-through fabric. Now, this is Halloween so you can do things cheaply. Make an elastic belt to fit your waist and go hog-wild arranging and tacking these fabrics so that they'll drape over your skirt. Make some overhang so they can flutter around. If you can find a gauzy matching bolero, even better. Do up your hair, throw in some little flowers and ribbons. Buy or make your own fairy wings. Wear some sparkly make up. Throw on some cute matching socks and shoes, and you're set!

So three more costume ideas! Myself? I'm probably going to end up doing mummy lolita, because I think it sounds awesome. If I do, I'll post pictures after Halloween. These ideas are just a starting point too, don't be afraid to set down a lolita "base" and then follow through with elements from a traditional Halloween costume. It's Halloween! Have fun with it! Don't be afraid to break any lolita rules. It's the one day a year you can get away with it without being beaten to death.

Okay, well... let's not get too carried away with ourselves.

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  1. I want to be a Vampire Lolita this year too!
    But looking into my closet I came up with another idea. I have a red dotted skirt and a pair of Minnie Mouse ears from H&M childrens department... Haha.
    But your idea of Mummy Lolita is pretty cute. :)


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