Monday, February 15, 2010

Current WTFs from Lolita Brands

There are brand pieces that may make you say "WTF?" but you know someone out there will like, they're just not to your tastes. And then there are those brand pieces that make you scratch your head until its bleeding with the question "Who on Earth would wear that?" These are some of those pieces, and they're not old-lolita either, these pieces are currently available for purchase on their websites.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I've always wanted a dress that had a skirt that looked like a diaper with strawberry dingleberries all over it! The matching propeller bow headdress goes wonderfully with it too!

Alice and the Pirates

Because we all need pants whose pockets make our hips look wider than a truck. Don't get me started on those hats, because I don't know what happened to them.

Angelic Pretty

I included the back view of the shapeless top to really drive home the fact that it looks like a frilly hospital gown. I love the lampshade hat too.


Surprisingly, this is the only thing I could find from Meta right now. Even more surprisingly, it's sold out.

Innocent World

I don't understand the shape of the coat at all. The grandmother cardigan would be perfect to wear underneath it.

Moi Meme Moitie

This would be fine if it wasn't pleather. But... it's pleather.

Victorian Maiden

While not exactly lolita, it is ugly.

Feel free to share some wtf brand discoveries of your own in the comments!


  1. XD Awesome post! That IW coat looks like they stole a coat from the toddlers section, I really dislike those 60's mod cut coats with Lolita D: You end up just looking like one giant frilly pyramid.

  2. Wow, those are pretty awful. I'm thinking that maybe the Baby dress might look better in real life. I actually like that Meta dress, but I wouldn't buy it. The others are pretty bad. Especially those Alice and the Pirates pants. WTF?

  3. I believe the Moitie one is a raincoat, which is why it's so shiny.
    I actually like the Meta dress.

  4. I love that VM dress to bits but when I saw it IRL the materials weren't half as lush as I had expected them to be. I thought the velvet would be rich and the collar part a nice cotton but it was all cheap and thin. A huge turnoff.

  5. The pink coat from innocent world is supposed to be like a swing jacket from the 60s methinks, but that's not really a style that you see often paired with lolita.

    I like the pirate hats though.

  6. That victorian Maiden one.. is velvet... god I hate velved... it makes my eyes burn...

  7. The items on this page aren't actually all that bad, some of them are actually quite nice.


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