Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking all the Rules

Alright, so I'm still a little behind on my schedule. Unfortunately, life comes first.

Lolita has a ton of rules, either fashion-wise or behavior-wise. Skirts have to be so long, socks have to be so high, you can't wear this with that, you have to act ladylike. Like anyone, though, I like to break quite a few of these rules. Please share what rules you like to break, too!

~ 99% of the time, I don't wear makeup
~ I wear glasses (there was a big to-do over this a couple years ago)
~ I like my skirts a couple inches above the knee
~ I wear black shoes with almost everything
~ I tend to avoid wearing jewelry
~ I don't wear bloomers
~ I love old-style flat headdresses (mostly out of style nowadays)
~ I don't paint my nails
~ I like running around and going crazy in lolita rather than sitting still and looking pretty
~ I don't like tea
~ I don't enjoy most fancy desserts


  1. I honestly believe I break all the rules when wearing loli.

    I party, go to kinky parties, tease my boyfriend, wear dreads, apply a little more make-up than needed and blend many styles together.

    It's fun :3

  2. Bloomers just seem so uncomfortable to me. And how would they add extra poof when they're being held down by a petticoat?

    My rule breaker - I don't wear knee socks. They don't fit my calves.

  3. I absolutely do not paint my nails nor drink tea. Acting ladylike ok, I can pull it off for maybe an hour or so...but then I just want to be..ME.

    p.s. while I do like headbows, I will always love the flat headdresses.

  4. While these are "Old rules" that are pretty much thrown out the window nowadays, I love leopard print (Thank you Meta for making this OK!) and fishnet in my Lolita.

  5. - no make up (at all/never)
    - don't paint nails
    - would still run around if I wanted too
    - no bloomers either (why even wear them? O.o I mean, you've got a petticoat!)
    - no headbows either (and if I wear one, a tiny tiny one!)

    probably more, but this is all I can think of right now XD

  6. I dont ware bloomers eather and all of my outfits are hand made or thrift! I love this post it makes me very happy since im so used to feeling like an outcast for braking rules!!!

  7. Other than being very fat, which breaks some sort of holy loli rule, my biggest offender is my language.

    I have rather the uncontrollable potty mouth, and I should probably think before I talk more often. It goes a very long way to seeming very un-ladylike.

    I rather naturally follow the other rules, I prefer to wear bloomers, matching shoes, perfectly applied makeup and nails, I like to spend a lot of time making perfect hair. I like my skirts just at the knee. I love to drink tea.

    But I do prefer the company of other rule breakers. ;)

  8. I love tea,bloomers,runnin around,and wearing different colour socks at all times!!!
    I hate super big bows and 2 much pink.
    (Also i'm "too young" for lolita,14 years of age)<OMG

  9. I don't think I break a lot of the rules actually.

    Except I don't really like hair accessories. I just find them awkward.

    And I don't wear much makeup or do my nails either.

  10. I don't have bangs. *Gasp* I have really curly hair, and they would look ridiculous on me.

  11. I don't think my personality changes much with clothes - however I've noticed in lolita I'm more often all smiles and giggles, and it crops up in photos. It depends on the meetup. But I definitely don't behave like a meek little girl.

    My idea of tea is lipton. However there are certain places where I love to get chai.

    I don't know if there's a rule against it, I opt for tights rather than knee high socks, which just look weird on me.

    But mostly I don't feel like I've been doing this long enough to have a set of rules I break. ;)

  12. I'm too old (57), too heavy, don't wear a petti, seldom if ever do my nails, love the flat old school headpieces, get sick and tired of everyone saying "it's not the proper shape", and I don't think Mana is a god of Lolita Fashion.

    "Rules were meant to be broken." Whoever said that first was a genius and soooo right.

  13. "I don't think Mana is a god of Lolita Fashion."

    Quite frankly, he scares me. O_O

  14. Too many rules quash creativity, spontaneity, and usually make people too stiff to be their vivacious selves! It's good to hear you follow the rules that work but don't agonize over the ones that won't fit your lifestyle. Bravi! And for those of you who don't like tea and sweets, though I do: what's wrong with a meet-up for pizza? ^_^

  15. Well, I'm a bit of a beginner Lolita, but here are the rules I break:

    -I try to avoid doing my nails, especially since they're usually uneven anyway.
    -Makeup is minimal. Lipstick, rice powder to smooth out my face... and... that's it.
    -I /detest/ knee-socks and would rather have full-on-tights or go barelegged.
    -I wear sandals because of my foot problems.
    -If possible, I get my skirts slightly below the knee instead of slightly above.

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